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Rocks & landscape come hand in hand in every landscaping project. A lot of people simply focus on trees, flowers, and ground covers when landscaping. But what they do not know is that the secret towards a perfect-looking landscape is the addition of rocks. Stones and rocks can both add variations in terms of contours, textures, and heights in any garden, hence making the landscape unique and a lot more interesting.

Incorporating rocks in your landscape design requires a lot of planning so it must be handled by professional landscapers. Proper placement is crucial to ensure you get the best effects with rocks in the landscape. This is the expertise of St. Louis Ponds & Waterfalls.

Rock & Landscape Ideas

What you must learn first about rocks is that there are different types you have to choose from and each type has its own special purpose in the landscape. But basically in landscaping, rocks are categorized per size.

For instance, small to medium rocks can work various purposes in the garden. Small rocks can be used as an alternative to mulch for weed control. They can also work as a good drainage around patios and pools as well as fillers around trees to add texture.

Medium-sized rocks, on the other hand, can be perfect for garden pathways. They can also work as a natural support for a top heavy plant as well as a rustic border. Moreover, very large rocks can be used as accent boulders anywhere in the garden.

Rocks for landscaping can either be natural or artificial. The latter is lighter than natural rocks but can come in custom colors and sizes. Natural stones, on the other hand, include river rock, schist, and flagstone. All of these natural stones have unique properties, which make them ideal for almost every landscape design possible.

Flagstone rocks are flat in nature and can be ideally used for patios and pathways. Small flagstones, on the other hand, can be attached to fountains and garden boxes for a cobbled look.

Moreover, schist comes in different colors, which make this rock ideal for almost every landscape. Blue schists can work for wallscapes while schists with stripes of black can go well in ponds. River rock, on the other hand, has soft and round edges and is perfect for draining. Hence, they work well with any kind of water feature. And lastly, artificial rocks can work to hide unattractive areas in the garden.

Professional Rock Landscaping

For some people who have a natural flair for landscaping, using rocks in the landscape can already be an easy endeavor. However, what a lot of people must know is that the purpose of rocks can be defeated with just the wrong placement only. Hence, getting the help of professional landscapers can be a very good approach towards rock landscaping. As professional landscape contractor, St. Louis Ponds & Waterfalls know the ins and outs of rock landscaping and we have access to good selections of rocks to complete any kind of landscape.

We are a certified landscape contractor in Missouri. We are more than just specialists in pond and waterfall construction, but we are also experts in incorporating rocks in landscaping project.  Currently, we cover areas in Missouri including St. Peters, St. Charles, Kirkwood, St. Louis, Ballwin, Chesterfield, and other major locations. Just give us a call and we will be more than happy to answer all your queries and help you all the way with any rock landscaping project.

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